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Vegetable Wontons

The best part of this recipe is what is inside, not what is outside! The inside is where you get to be creative because the outside is store-bought wonton wrappers. So think about those veggie and vegan protein combos! These make a wonderful appetizer or snack. You can buy wonton wrappers in any health food store. Many have section that sell different cuisines around the world; these are refrigerated packaged wonton wrappers that are small squares; they are sold in big quantities and you need to use them within a week to 10 days so when you buy them, take time to get familiar with how to make them. The back of the package instructs you how to fold the wonton once you place the filling on the wrapper but there are no rules, make any shape you wish, fold in any way you can. I will say you cannot put too much food in them or they will be difficult to close. In fact, buy these if you are entertaining or making food for others because you will be making alot. The wonton wrapper is m

Spinach Bites

My mom used to make spinach bites all the time when I was a kid, usually just for the holidays, and we devoured them. She made them with egg and butter so they were definitely not vegan friendly. This Thanksgiving, we made them vegan and they turned out so awesome.

How To Add Greens to Every Meal

I swear my skin looks better when I push the greens. Any inflammation or redness always seems to go away when I load up on the kale or spinach. It could just be my imagination or the body healing itself but I am convinced the vitamins and antioxidants in greens are responsible for my skin improvement. And even if that isn't true, you can't ever go wrong eating kale. Besides, it's delicious and an incredible tasty addition to your meal. I love eating greens with a little sea salt and lemon juice sprinkled on them-especially kale. I love adding spinach to my buddha bowls. Greens are healthy and yummy and you can dress them up or just eat plain. It's just that, you can't open up your cupboard and grab some spinach; it has to be steamed and prepared in some way. Which is why it's easier to reach for dates and peanut butter or a protein bar. I definitely load up on the greens but I also don't consistently eat enough. Which got me thinking just ho

Veggie Filled Guacamole

I decided to share the guac recipe that I have in my ebook because a. I'm making it for my niece's bday party today and b. it's almost Cinco De Mayo and I love that day so much. It's so easy to make guacamole super healthy and bursting with flavor which is absolutely what everyone wants in a dip. Vegans and non vegans alike love my guac and I've had so many compliments.

Savory Garlic Pasta with Vegetables

I had a bunch of organic cherry tomatoes and needed a recipe. I also have a ton of kale in my fridge as well as spinach (the greens are rockin at the farmers market)! Anyway, I love pasta-I don't have it often-but I love it so I made this pasta dish. Add extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic and the party has started.

Pasta with Sweet Pepper Turmeric Sauce

I guess I can't call everything mac and cheese even though the color of my sauce is always orange/yellow. Mac and cheese sauce is thick and creamy and more cheesier than this particular sauce but if you want to say it's a variation of mac and cheese sauce, then go for it. It definitely has a sweet pepper/lemon taste that is incredibly savory so if you wanna try something new, try this. You can super spice it up or not and the color is so vibrant that you should take a picture if you make this. Two recipes in one day....I'm on fire!

Mac and Cheese with Veggies

My marathon training and writing is taking up alot of my time along with trips home to visit my fam so I am just getting to this new blog post! This is a dish I made in between trips home that was quick and super delish comfort food. I love mac and cheese and since I had to use up some veggies, I threw in some spinach and toms. Mac and cheese is so cool when you make it from scratch because you can make it with veggies which is super nutritious.

Raw Kale Tacos

So, when I got back to New York City after a visit home, I felt so full and bloated. I can't say I was eating a ton while visiting my family but we had alot of potatoes and I had some mock meat and I just needed to detox. My friend was talking all about how she was going raw and I got super inspired! Oh and see what my friend is up to doing THIS ! She is amazing! Anyway, she inspired me and so I have been raw for the past four and a half days. Today I am making food for my Munch and Meditate event and I did have a few tastes of fudge. Anyway, that's it for today, I'm going to be raw until I go home again this week and then I will probably switch to two raw meals and a cooked dinner. I can't say I've lost weight or feel insanely happy but my mood is content and I did run 15 miles on Saturday. So, that theory that plants make you weak is not holding up :)

Chickpeas with Creamy Carrot Sauce

I only really buy carrots when I want to make a sauce out of them, usually my mac and cheese sauce but this time I made a carrot, garlicky sauce that was creamy. The base is the same as my mac and cheese sauce but it's not as many ingredients and spices. And instead of pouring over pasta I poured over some chickpeas that I just made from scratch. Today I added steamed kale, some leftover lentils and fresh, just bought onion from the farmers's market.