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Things I love lately + Giveaway Reminder

I've been hitting the keys lately writing and blogging (I'm working on a fiction novel) and enjoying life in the big city. First off as you can see, I renamed my blog and I'm LOVING it! Fabulous Fit Food just didn't sit well with me, I found myself disliking it alot and the last couple weeks I have thought about what I want to rename this blog. I can't believe how many ideas I had and how many of my ideas were already taken by bloggers, Youtubers and health and wellness coaches. It got kind of frustrating so finally I just stopped thinking about it so much. I went home for my niece's 1st bday and just let go of the blog a little bit.

GIVEAWAY! Homemade Betty Organic Vegan Sunscreen

Five years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. It was a tiny, ridiculously minuscule black freckle on my thigh that only my dermatologist could have identified as being abnormal. Before it was discovered I put off going to the dermatologist and sometimes I think about what if I had not made that appointment. It came back from the lab as melanoma and I had to have it removed along with alot of the skin around it and much deeper than the freckle had grown. I had stitches and I couldn't workout or put a huge amount of force on my leg muscles so that the area could heal. It was a stage 0 melanoma meaning it hadn't penetrated deeper than my epidermis but it was still scary. I didn't need any medication or follow up after it removed but it was a wakeup call for me. I wasn't surprised about my diagnosis since I was always a sun worshipper and even frequented the tanning salon in my twenties. Seems like such a huge price to pay just because I wanted to be tan.

Giveaway + Spotlight on Local Plant Based Products

One of the best part about being a blogger is receiving awesome samples of products from plant based businesses. I love connecting with different companies that I see on social media and I'm so grateful and excited when I have the opportunity to try their products and post about them. There are some incredibly innovative people out there who believe in plant based nutrition, who make their products with whole, organic ingredients and who care about our planet. I love seeing more plant based restaurants open, more plant based products hit the shelves and more businesses serving vegan options!