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Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato

In researching the difference between ice cream and gelato, I learned that ice cream is more likely to contain egg yolks than gelato and that gelato actually uses more milk and less cream (this is news to me). I always thought gelato was custardy because of egg yolks. It turns out it's thicker than ice cream because it has less air due to the slow churning process. The more you know...

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake (vegan, gluten-free)

This chocolate olive oil cake recipe is not mine but I veganized it and have made it several times. It's so delicious and does not require icing-it's THAT good! You just need to replace one ingredient to make it vegan. It can be made gluten-free if you use GF all-purpose flour or almond/oat flour.

Berry Coconut Cream Cake with Chocolate Raisin-Walnut Crust (no bake, vegan, gluten-free)

I saw a couple of these cakes floating around Instagram and decided to make a vegan version. The top is all coconut cream and the crust is the most perfect, chewy, chocolatey crust. All you need is a food processor-this cake requires no baking and can be whipped up within minutes. Berry coconut cream cake with chocolate raisin-walnut crust is coming right up and it's vegan and gluten-free.

Four Ingredient Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding (vegan dessert recipes)

I have not made or had any type of chocolate pudding in FOREVER! Mainly because I stopped buying unsweetened cocoa (you know how you get tired of an ingredient after a while?). But I bought some the other day for my cooking class and I had the other ingredients for the pudding so here it is! I made a cool video for you too 😀 This pudding requires a food processor and can be made with no added sweetener (I give a suggestion for an added sweetener, though). This is one of my favorite easy vegan dessert recipes.

Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes

I saw a chocolate cheesecake recipe on IG and had to make my own, mostly because I want to get a new recipe up here but also because I was inspired to make another raw dessert. It's been a while since I've made a yummy dessert. I just returned home from Sicily-I was on a yoga retreat-and it was so magical. The food was fresh and organic and wonderful, the people were sweet and amazing and the country was just so simple and beautiful. I enjoyed the hot sun, swam in the pool and the ocean and just relaxed. Now that I spent a week eating local, fresh and organic, I want to keep doing this at home. I'm going to keep reaching for nuts, fruit and fresh veggies as much as I can and phasing out some of these mock meats I've been eating and...the salt, I'm not adding anymore.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

I saw this recipe on Facebook and I veganized it. These cookies are low carb but they are so fudgy and delicious, it's easy to not miss the flour. The sweetness is due to monk fruit sugar and chocolate chips but they are also high in healthy fat. Instead of an egg, I used Greek style plant-based yogurt and it worked so so well. If you are strict keto, get keto chocolate chips. If you just want to be lower sugar, use any dark, non dairy chocolate chips you wish.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Bites

When I crave sweets, I look for ways to minimize my sugar consumption while also getting that sweet fix. I recently discovered monk fruit sugar so my coffee and sweets have never been the same. It's a great substitute for regular sugar but it has no impact on your blood sugar and has no carbs. I didn't use monk fruit sugar for this recipe, though, so go out and get it because my next recipe will have it.

Chewy Chocolate Bars

Another recipe so soon, I know! I won a cookbook giveaway a few months ago and I received a bunch of products from various vegan brands including some chocolate from California Gourmet. They have yummy chocolate products that are vegan and soy-free. They sent me the chocolate I'm using in this recipe but they did not pay me for this post or any shout outs. I never win Instagram giveaways before now but I actually won two giveaways so far this year. I buy all different brands of non dairy chocolate so I really can't recommend one specific one. Try the high cacao chocolate in the store that you frequent the most and see if you like it-then you can always buy it :)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Bars

Sorry for the lack of posts-this blog has been on the back burner as life has happened this past month and a half. I haven't been inspired to make recipes-actually dessert recipes since this blog is pretty focused on that so I haven't logged on. But I just made these amazing bars last night after I made dinner for my friend and I and by the time I was finished it was pretty late. It didn't take long to make these, though, and then you just leave them in the fridge to set.

Chocolate Molasses Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (Vegan & Gluten-free)

It's been a minute since I posted. I had my last Munch & Meditate event of 2018 and it was so nice. The menu is always vegan, of course, but this time I did gluten-free as well and it was easier than I thought. I taught a beginner's gentle yoga class followed by vegan appetizers and desserts. Come to my next one on Jan 6th !

6 Ingredient Chocolate Bars

It's been a while! I made alot of chocolate and I ran a marathon on Sunday-my second NYC marathon. It was difficult yet epic but totally worth it. I drew strength from my family who was waiting for me close to the finish line but most of all I drew strength from myself. I just did not want to give up. More on that in another blog post!

Three Sweet Treats that I'm Loving Lately

Maybe I should make this a dessert blog. I love pulling out my food processor or hand mixing desserts in my favorite glass blue bowl and then having a sweet treat for any time of day. My desserts are usually healthy enough to eat for breakfast or for before a workout. I try to add as little sweetener as possible or I use fruit like dates or bananas to sweeten a dessert. These are my latest creations:

Dark Chocolate with Raisins

I bought all this dark chocolate at Trader Joe's and most of it is plain, which is fine. But I also bought organic raisins and was thinking....chocolate with raisins....yum. Yummy and chewy. Yes! So I made my own chocolate last night with the help of some of my Trader Joe's chocolate bars. It's so amazing sinking your teeth into chocolate with chewy raisins in the middle.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Slices

Ok, so I no sooner posted about not doing much in the kitchen when I got busy making these brownie bars. The first bite you take tastes like raisins and peanut butter but as you get chewing, you can taste the chocolate and chewiness. I love any dessert you can just whip up in your food processor and then freeze.

Chocolate Caramel Slices

I made these last week and put the recipe in my social media caption and everyone went nuts. My Instagram and Fb blog page lit up and I got a ton of comments and likes. They are super delish and a great dessert to make to impress your friends. I love making caramel with dates and nut butter-this is the best part of these bars!

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Icing and my Supper Club

These are super if you like super fudgy, soft brownies, make these. I used pureed organic pumpkin and baked them for at least 30 minutes but they are still fudgy. That's fine with me, by the way! These brownies are a wonderful sweet treat that is also flour-free and can be made with different nut or seed butters. Oh and along with this recipe, I also have my Supper Club announcement!

Superfood Fudge

Hey hey, sorry for the longish time in between posts. After the craziness of the holidays, I settled back in the city and then dove right into new year yoga business tasks and planned my first Supper Club. What is my supper club, you ask? Read on, I'm so excited!

Chocolate Pound Cake

I saw a chocolate pound cake at the farmers market this morning and was about to get it. It was a small piece and it was $5 and I wondered if all the ingredients were organic and non-GMO so I put it down and decided to make my own. I had all the ingredients at home except for enough sugar so I had to use a little confectioner sugar and maple syrup instead of coconut sugar. I always use maple syrup or coconut sugar because they are more natural, not as processed sources of sweetener. But you gotta use what you have!

Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownies with Cream Cheese icing

My apartment smells like chocolate. It's Halloween as I write this and I just pulled these brownies out of the oven. As you can see, I'm really diggin fall. I'm absolutely loving how these brownies turned out (the second time) and I'm loving the fact that I'm writing this blog post about one of my favorite plant-based companies. This post is sponsored by Go Veggie but all opinions and run-on sentences are mine, all mine.

Adzuki Bean Brownies with Chocolate Icing

Yo, these are so good, people! Fudgey and chocolately. They are also super healthy. I love using beans in place of flour because you're getting lots of fiber and protein along with a sweet treat. This recipe is made completely with whole, plant-based ingredients, nothing processed or artificial. I recently made adzuki bean soup a few posts down so check that out too.