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Vegetable Wontons

The best part of this recipe is what is inside, not what is outside! The inside is where you get to be creative because the outside is store-bought wonton wrappers. So think about those veggie and vegan protein combos! These make a wonderful appetizer or snack. You can buy wonton wrappers in any health food store. Many have section that sell different cuisines around the world; these are refrigerated packaged wonton wrappers that are small squares; they are sold in big quantities and you need to use them within a week to 10 days so when you buy them, take time to get familiar with how to make them. The back of the package instructs you how to fold the wonton once you place the filling on the wrapper but there are no rules, make any shape you wish, fold in any way you can. I will say you cannot put too much food in them or they will be difficult to close. In fact, buy these if you are entertaining or making food for others because you will be making alot. The wonton wrapper is m

Curry Rice and Mixed Greens Sushi

When I make rice in my rice maker, I add the tiniest big of water so that the rice ends up sticky and not water-logged. The worst is when the rice doesn't absorb the water and it ends up awful. I pour enough water in my rice maker just to cover the rice, pat it down so it's completely under water and it turns out great. So much so that I didn't need to make sushi rice for this recipe, I just used the rice as is. When I say sushi rice, I mean I didn't need to add sugar and vinegar to make it sticky rice. I added curry powder, turmeric, sea salt and pepper and it was pretty amazing.

Mixed Green and Avocado Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a great way to get in your greens, they are healthy, delicious and fun to eat. The last two times I made these I dipped them in ume plum vinegar but you can experiment with all kinds of dips: peanut sauce, dijon mustard, soy sauce, so much yumminess in one meal. I bought swiss chard and kale at the farmers market so I filled the spring rolls with these greens plus an avocado. It was great. I know I just posted a spring roll recipe but why not another one? You can never have too many spring roll recipes, especially ones that don't involve frying. 

Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice

This is my favorite dessert!!  Ok, one of my favorite desserts because I mean there's cake and ice cream haha. I love ordering this dessert when I'm at my favorite thai place, it's light and sweet and very tasty. The recipe turned out well; I did overcook the rice slightly but it was still all good. You will need to use sushi rice for this recipe since it is sticky so head out and get that whenever you can. Grab some canned coconut milk and maple syrup as well and you are set! Oh, and of course, a few mangos because who can eat just one. You will only need to slice about half the mango but why not eat the rest??

Spicy Potato and Kale Spring Rolls (No Salt, No Oil)

Rice wrappers, veggies, dip, these are a few of my favorite things! I love spring rolls, I love steaming my favorite veggies, spicing them up and then rolling them into a spring roll or sushi. So yum, so filling and so CLEAN. Seriously, if you haven't tried making spring rolls, follow this recipe. No frying or steaming required, just soften the rice wrappers in warm water and there you have it.

Spring Rolls

My mind is totally concentrating on training for this Brooklyn half marathon and I haven't been cooking as much. I've also mostly eaten raw foods lately and I've done alot of eating out because I need to grocery shop (I never eat out as much as when I moved here, it's expensive). Yesterday I went to Candle Cafe for lunch, an upper east side vegan place that was yummy. I also visited Juice Generation this week for a smoothie and I also hit Red Bamboo last week, an all vegan asian restaurant in the West Village. So yum, the vegan scene in NYC is outstanding so if you are visiting, click on my vegan lifestyle link above and check out my list of vegan restaurants in NYC.