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Vegetable Wontons

The best part of this recipe is what is inside, not what is outside! The inside is where you get to be creative because the outside is store-bought wonton wrappers. So think about those veggie and vegan protein combos! These make a wonderful appetizer or snack. You can buy wonton wrappers in any health food store. Many have section that sell different cuisines around the world; these are refrigerated packaged wonton wrappers that are small squares; they are sold in big quantities and you need to use them within a week to 10 days so when you buy them, take time to get familiar with how to make them. The back of the package instructs you how to fold the wonton once you place the filling on the wrapper but there are no rules, make any shape you wish, fold in any way you can. I will say you cannot put too much food in them or they will be difficult to close. In fact, buy these if you are entertaining or making food for others because you will be making alot. The wonton wrapper is m

Spinach Bites

My mom used to make spinach bites all the time when I was a kid, usually just for the holidays, and we devoured them. She made them with egg and butter so they were definitely not vegan friendly. This Thanksgiving, we made them vegan and they turned out so awesome.