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Roasted Miso Chickpeas

This recipe is so simple; it focuses on the versatility and awesomeness of chickpeas. I love chickpeas. They are perfect for everything, baking, cooking, snacking, making burgers, making cookie dough, salad toppings, the possibilities are just endless. I buy my beans in the bulk aisle at Whole Foods. They are organic and you get more for your money. I store them in airtight containers in my cupboard and make a ton of beans on Sundays.

Things I love lately + Giveaway Reminder

I've been hitting the keys lately writing and blogging (I'm working on a fiction novel) and enjoying life in the big city. First off as you can see, I renamed my blog and I'm LOVING it! Fabulous Fit Food just didn't sit well with me, I found myself disliking it alot and the last couple weeks I have thought about what I want to rename this blog. I can't believe how many ideas I had and how many of my ideas were already taken by bloggers, Youtubers and health and wellness coaches. It got kind of frustrating so finally I just stopped thinking about it so much. I went home for my niece's 1st bday and just let go of the blog a little bit.

Mixed Green Tahini Potato Salad

Potato salad is the ultimate summer food. You can whip it up and take it to BBQ’s or just relax on your porch and enjoy the delicious flavors and aromas of this dish. I love tahini sauce and I wanted to make a dish using it as one of the main ingredients. I made this savory potato salad using organic potatoes and mixed greens as the base. It turned out completely scrumptious and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Raw Breakfast Ideas

What beautiful weather!!  NYC is gorgeous on days like this, low humidity, breezy, sunny, sort of like fall.  My window overlooks my awesome tree lined street and it's so hard not to go out on the fire escape and just hang haha (I take my food pictures on the fire escape all the time).

Day 2 Raw Vegan

It's Day 2 and I'm feeling great!  There is nothing better than strawberries.  I've been craving them so much lately and yesterday's appetizer was so good that I was thinking about berries all day.  I love me some blackberries too.  The organic farm near me in PA will be selling strawberries later this month and I can't wait to gobble them up!  The lady who runs the farm was telling me the harsh winter killed a lot of their produce so they had to start all over again with some veggies.  I wish I could grow berries all year round.

A totally awesome salad

I roasted chickpeas tonight which means a salad tomorrow :) I seasoned the chickpeas with cumin, tumeric, powdered garlic, ginger and a little sea salt. Yum!

End of mostly raw February

I've been feeling pretty good being mostly raw. I'm going to just keep going with it now that it's March; I'll stay with using fruits as sweeteners, staying away from sugar and filling my plate with veggies before anything else. I'm trying to drink green juice on a regular basis; this morning I had one made of kale, mixed greens, green apple, lemon juice and coconut water.

Growers Market Goodies

I went to my local growers market yesterday and bought my normal stuff: a ton of greens from the organic produce vendor, some tomatoes to make my gravy and also homemade pasta.  They added a pasta vendor to the lineup and he was talking to me about his homemade pastas.  Two of them are made with eggs so I chose from the ones that were egg-free.  

Veggies galore!

I hope everyone who celebrated July 4th had a wonderful holiday! I had such a relaxing time at my family's lake house and ever since then I've been dreaming of a trip to the Italian Riviera :) Last night

Green salad

Here is a very healthy salad I made last night for a late dinner. It was very easy to make and is easy on digestion. You can add more veggies or choose the veggies that you like but I put in all green veggies :) Organic romaine lettuce Organic kale 1/2 avocado Organic cucumber Place all veggies in a salad bowl and either toss together or just layer the veggies. I added this dressing: olive oil with juice from 1/2 of a lime mixed together. It was delicious!

Leftovers and a salad

I didn't feel like cooking tonight so I whipped up a salad and ate a leftover veggie burger (no bun). Here is my salad recipe: Romaine lettuce Mixed greens Fresh garlic (finely chopped) Organic slaw Grape tomatoes Lupini beans (shelled) Mixed nuts I tossed everything in my new salad bowl. Dressing: olive oil and one small lemon. Squeeze the lemon into the oil. Add pepper. Shake. It was so light but filling.

Happy Meatless Monday!

It's meatless Monday! Even if you're not vegetarian or vegan, you can still cut meat out of your diet today. Meatless Monday is a great way to start changing your diet to vegetarian if you want to begin changing what you eat. You will not only feel better when you cut meat out of your diet, but you can also save approximately 189 animals per year by going veg. And don't let anyone tell you that you need meat to get your iron, leafy green veggies have plenty of iron in them. So, today is a great day to start a veg lifestyle! I can help you along the way so feel free to message me on my Facebook page. I am here to give you any advice that I can based on my experience :) Tonight I'm either going to have pasta with my homemade gravy or a kale "chicken" salad. Today's meatless Monday dish is going to be the kale "chicken" salad. You will need: 1 fake chicken patty (morningstar makes them, you can find them with the veggie burgers) Kale and lettuce o

Lupini bean green salad with lemon-olive oil dressing

Tonight I didn't plan what I was going to have for dinner but I needed to make it a completely clean meal since I'm starting a cleanse.  The cleanse is a little bit of the 28 day Arbonne cleanse and a little bit of the Superhero diet in The Kind Diet cookbook.  Basically, you avoid alcohol, caffeine, gluten, flour, sugar and vinegar products for a specific amount of time (I'm going to take it week by week).So, I made a big salad and added a few things and I made a salad dressing that my friend Melissa made on Saturday-it was awesome!  No vinegar involved. Salad: mixed greens of your choice.  Start with romaine lettuce and then add a variety of mixed greens (kale, spinach, arugula).  I then tossed in leftover brown rice pasta from last night, lupini beans, and organic slaw.  Dressing: 1/8 of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon, 1/4 cup of olive oil, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp of fresh pepper, a clove of garlic (also add mint but I didn't have any).  Combine all the ingre