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The FVR Membership Subscription

This post is a little bit different since I'm not writing a recipe (I need to write a new recipe post) BUT more about brand new recipes is right below. I am starting a membership option to give subscribers a more exclusive look at my blog, recipes and classes.  With the membership you get, cooking classes (with alot of input from you about what you want to cook), 7 day weekly meal plans, brand new recipes and access to our private facebook group. Everything listed above is free when you sign up for our membership. I know we are all struggling right now on some financial level; most of us have probably ensured a drop in income or a drop in freelance or gig work so I'm keeping the price low ($12.99/month).  Each cooking class will be something different, twice a month along with a new weekly meal plan each month. In our Facebook group, we will talk about recipes, veganism, cooking, starting a blog, inspirational quotes and enjoy lots of community!  Have questions? Email me at fab

Plant-Based Protein

This fall, I began counting my macros and focusing on increasing my protein so that I could start to really build muscle. I hadn't sat down and concentrated on planning out protein filled meals so it took some getting used to. And I also realized that if I didn't think about what I was eating, I would reach for sugary, carb heavy foods. Plant-based protein...that's what this blog post is all about. I'm going to give three meals as an example and list some of my must-have protein-filled foods.

Life Update: about this blog, veganism, disordered eating and more!

It's been so long since I wrote a blog post containing a recipe much less a long blog post about my life. So, where have I been? I remember how obsessed with this blog I used to be: 3 posts a week, cooking so so much, taking pictures, obsessing over my Fb page likes. Then life happened and this blog took a back burner. But lately I've been thinking about getting back to it; just not looking through the same lens as I once looked at it.

Plant Power Workshop-New York City!!

PLANT POWER WORKSHOP December 4th, 6:30-8:30PM At The Yoga Collective NYC in downtown Manhattan Come meet me!!! Bring a friend and learn about the power and beauty of plants! My workshop will feature: The benefits of a plant based diet, where to shop for and prepare ingredients and a few easy ways to include plants in your diet. Enjoy a sushi making demo including samples Enjoy samples of Happy Tree maple water Enjoy samples of a raw vegan dessert Relax during my guided meditation Bring a friend!!! Tickets are on sale through Cyber Monday so grab them now! Space is limited. Tickets HERE PLANTS ROCK!