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Fabulous Vegan Desserts ebook is here!!

Hey readers! First, I hope you are able to click on my blog posts. I've had trouble clicking on some of my links lately and I'm not sure what is wrong. I'm not able to see the rest of some posts or click on an actual recipe. Let me know if you have trouble accessing this or any blog posts-email me at Also, sign up for my email list!

Well, my ebook is here! I've worked on this over the past few weeks and I had so much fun. Included are 40 of my most favorite dessert recipes including pies, cakes, bites and bars and so much more. The book is a combination of no bake and baked desserts, desserts from my cooking classes and some of my most popular recipes. Grab this for your holiday table; though you can make these desserts any time. 

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Fabulous Vegan Desserts