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3 Ingredient Maple Buttercream Icing {Vegan}

So this icing was made for my pumpkin cupcakes...which are super yum but I want to experiment more with making them fluffier so here is the icing recipe! I didn't want to make you wait since it's that maple time of year and you can ice any cake with this flavor icing. I made pumpkin cupcakes with this icing and had them with coffee with my friend yesterday and he loved them. How can you go wrong with buttercream icing??

This icing is super super sweet and creamy; you can taste both the butter and sugar. A little goes a long way so beware. With only three ingredients, this icing is easy to whip up ahead of time, store in an airtight container and focus on making your cake. Store a bunch of icing in the freezer and you'll have it for all of your holiday baking. Grab your hand mixer and let's go!

This recipe is doubled and makes alot of icing. Enough for the top of a small cake or enough for 12 cupcakes if you don't make it too thick. Not making that many cupcakes? You can make the icing super thick.

1 cup of cold non dairy butter (I used earth balance)
2.5 cups of powdered sugar
2 heaping tbsp of cold maple butter 

Grab your hand mixer and a medium or large bowl. Put the cold butter (do not melt it!) into your bowl and 1/2 cup of sugar. Blend well. Adding the sugar slowly, 1/2 cup at a time makes for less of a mess and you can easily make sure it blends well. You can also sift it in. Add the rest of the sugar slowly and keep blending with your hand mixer on high. Add the maple butter and blend in. The icing will be pretty thick so you can always thin out with a little maple syrup or non dairy milk if you need to but I kept mine thick. If you are making cake, wait for it to cool completely then ice. Store the icing in an airtight container and keep in the fridge. Use up within 2 days.

Trader Joe's has maple butter but it's a seasonal item. Small farmers markets also have maple butter sometimes. If you can't find maple butter, use maple syrup but add slowly. Since maple syrup is more liquid than maple butter, you may need to add a tiny bit more sugar for the icing to stay thick. Keep your maple butter in the fridge so it's thicker for this recipe.