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Creamy Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce....I used to order fettuccine alfredo at restaurants all the time before I became vegan. It's creamy and comforting and totally fattening and delish. So, I wanted to make a sauce that was just as creamy and delish but also healthy with whole ingredients. When you're buying the ingredients for this recipe, buy nutritional yeast. It's nutty and cheesy tasting and goes great in this dish. Nooch is perfect in sauces and soups and on top of popcorn tossed in coconut oil. Whoa, it's so good!

At the last minute I added a carrot into this sauce so that it made the sauce more orange and added some sweetness. Turmeric, pumpkin and even a little maca powder...this sauce has everything and each ingredient has healthy, healing properties.

I might make this for Christmas if I'm feeling up to it just to add a plant-based, filling dish to the table. It's fun to make Italian food for Christmas, especially when you're vegan. Everyone is carbing up on mashed potatoes and eating meat; it's fun to make pasta or vegan lasagna. I also love antipasto that includes olives and veggies, beans and bread. Maybe I will make and post an antipasto platter filled with the most amazing foods ever so you can see a vegan version of antipasto.

1 cup of organic pumpkin puree
1 small sweet potato, peeled and steamed
2 tbsp of maple syrup
2 tsp of turmeric
1 tsp of maca powder
2 tsp of cumin
1 cup of non dairy milk (I used unsweetened soy)
1/2 small onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of olive oil
5 tbsp of nutritional yeast
Sea salt to taste

Pour the olive oil in a small saucepan and turn the heat on low. Dice the onion and garlic into tiny pieces and add to the pan. Keep the heat on low until the onion becomes transparent and the garlic becomes a little brown. Add the pumpkin puree and spices and stir. Add in a little of the milk and stir. Add the nutritional yeast and stir. Add the rest of the milk, keeping the heat on low and keep stirring. Remove the sauce from the heat and let it cool a little. Place in your food processor and add the steamed carrot, letting the carrot mix into the sauce. Add more milk if needed. Store in the fridge in a glass container or put back into the saucepan on low heat while you make pasta. Mix the pasta with the sauce and serve. Sprinkle oregano on top of the dish.