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Apples with Healthy Caramel Dip

I make these delicious dessert bars with a caramel layer and I thought what if I use this recipe as a dip for apples. I'm totally 3 months late with this recipe since caramel apple season was pretty much October but it's never too late to eat this caramel sauce. OMG, it's so yum and absolutely free of preservatives, dairy and chemical crap.

I bought organic apples at Trader Joe's yesterday because I wanted fruit that I don't normally eat. I'm a berry gal and I really have to be in the mood for an apple. They are delish, of course, but I'd rather eat a bowl of berries or some dates with peanut butter, though I have really chilled with my date consumption. Apples are great to take with you so you can grab it in the middle of a hectic day and chow down before the hangriness takes over. But I've never super enjoyed munching on just an apple, I usually like dipping it into peanut butter or dressing it up somehow. Cue this caramel sauce. It's decadent, full of fruit and healthy fat and is a great dip to serve at a party.

This recipe makes two servings so beware of this if you are counting calories or watching your fat intake. It's two servings of peanut butter and about 2.5 servings of dates. I bought little apples so I only needed a little bit of the sauce; I saved the rest for later. The pictures for this recipe are dark because it's currently cloudy. I wish the weather would cooperate when I want to photograph a new recipe 😙

Check this:

8 medjool dates, pitted
1/4 cup of peanut butter
4 tbsp of coconut oil or filtered water

Add everything to your food processor and process on high. Add more water if the sauce is too thick. Spread on your apple or dip and enjoy! Refrigerate the leftovers in a glass, airtight container.

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