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Things I love lately + Giveaway Reminder

I've been hitting the keys lately writing and blogging (I'm working on a fiction novel) and enjoying life in the big city. First off as you can see, I renamed my blog and I'm LOVING it! Fabulous Fit Food just didn't sit well with me, I found myself disliking it alot and the last couple weeks I have thought about what I want to rename this blog. I can't believe how many ideas I had and how many of my ideas were already taken by bloggers, Youtubers and health and wellness coaches. It got kind of frustrating so finally I just stopped thinking about it so much. I went home for my niece's 1st bday and just let go of the blog a little bit.

I thought that maybe if I let it go, a name would come to me that is unique and describes my blog perfectly. And it did. I was sitting on a bench in a park and Forever Plant-Based just came to me. I searched to see if the domain name was available and if other people had the name already on social media and no one did so here it is. Plant-Based describes my diet, my love of plant based skin care and hair care products as well as my henna hair dye. It describes my love of flowers and nature and my vegan lifestyle, plants over animals. It appeals to me also because I love signing Forever when I'm describing myself, Forever Running, Forever Cooking, Forever Loving. it's just adding to the forevers! And I know that nothing lasts forever and people change but it's a pretty sure shot that I'm going to embrace this plant based lifestyle for life. Forever Vegan :) Forever Blogging. Forever Writing. You get it!

So here is my new blog name. And check me out on social media:


It's so awesome loving my blog again; not that I hated it but I feel like it's rejuvenated. Check me out on social media and follow me, I post different things on Insta and Fb so the content will be different than what I write here, Oh and thank you to my best friend for helping me revamp my blog! She helped me with my logo and with brainstorming and I'm super grateful.

Got something on your mind that you want to write about? Start a blog, what are you waiting for! Just start writing and designing your site. It's an amazing hobby where you can channel your creativity and meet new people who read your blog. Click above on the Blogger tab to get started, WordPress is also cool too but I'm super partial Blogger :) My blog: the first thing I'm loving lately!

Iced lattes from York Social: I love their iced lattes because they use organic soy milk and they are a decent size. Lately I drink half of it and then bring the rest home and make a iced frappy. The soy milk they use is also sweetened so I don't need to dump a bunch of sugar in my latte (I know that sweetened soy is sugar but it's a treat!) Another perk is that this coffee shop is across from my apartment so I don't need to go far. They have awesome window seats and comfy stools. Love writing and drinking coffee there! When I bring my latte home to make a frappy, it goes something like this:

Iced latte (about 12 oz left)
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp of cocoa powder
2 tsp of vanilla extract

Blend well and drink. It brings just a few more flavors into your favorite coffee drink and is creamy and tasty.
Grilled tofu and salads: I love grilling tofu and then putting it on my salad (next post will be about how to grill tofu so that it stays firm). I grill it in my cast iron skillet and top with a plethora of my favorite spices. It's so unbelievably yummy on a salad full of greens and pumpkin seeds. There is still such a huge debate about just how healthy (or unhealthy) soy is but consuming in moderation is fine so run out and buy that organic tofu! And while you're at it, buy some beans in the bulk aisle and toss on top of your salad.

Homemade Betty: Did you enter my Homemade Betty giveaway? I use her sunscreen everyday and I'm loving loving loving it. It's all natural, vegan ingredients and it goes on non greasy and scent-free. Leave a comment on the Homemade Betty blog post above and I will randomly pick a winner at the end of this month. I want everyone to try her products so check the post also for the code for $5 off your order. I love giveaways, especially this giveaway!

Meditation with music: I love sitting on my couch, closing my eyes and meditating to music, especially the music of Enya. It keeps me focused on meditating and it helps me float off and just lose myself. I concentrate on the music, her voice, an instrument, and it's relaxing and beautiful. I began a 30 day meditation challenge with one of my friends, which is also helping me stay focused.

Running: I have had some muscle aches that were pretty serious that caused me to sit out running for more than a month. It was frustrating and stressful especially since I'm training for the marathon and raising alot of money for the New York Road Runners charity Team for Kids. Yesterday I ran 4 miles and even though I woke up in a little pain, I stretched and did my PT exercises this morning and now I feel better. I recovered successfully from an achilles pull but now my lower back and right IT band are giving me problems. So, I'm going to take one day at a time and keep on training! NYC marathon, here I come!

What are some of your favorite things? What makes you happy throughout your day? Feel free to comment below!


  1. Some of the things that make me happy are when I am able to encourage someone... Also when I see people happy and doing things they enjoy!

  2. I love this so much!!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  3. I love this idea! Lately I had gotten in a slump and too stressed about things, this reminder to focus on the positive and meditate regularly again is helpful! Today the flowers on our steps, freshly cleaned sheets and working on my biz made me happy:).

  4. Marnie, you rock! You are doing so many great things right now, you are an inspiration! Working on your interview questions this week :)


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