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Giveaway + Spotlight on Local Plant Based Products

One of the best part about being a blogger is receiving awesome samples of products from plant based businesses. I love connecting with different companies that I see on social media and I'm so grateful and excited when I have the opportunity to try their products and post about them. There are some incredibly innovative people out there who believe in plant based nutrition, who make their products with whole, organic ingredients and who care about our planet. I love seeing more plant based restaurants open, more plant based products hit the shelves and more businesses serving vegan options!

I recently received samples from a few local businesses that I follow on Instagram and I'm just loving what they are making. I was contacted by Happy Tree maple water company a few weeks ago about providing me samples of their water for my plant based workshop. Since then, they have brought samples of their water to my runner's meditation class as well. Happy Tree water is water filtered up by the maple tree's roots so that all of the nutrients in the trunk ends up in the water; nothing is processed, no sugar added, and only flavors like ginger and lemon are added. Maple water is full of vitamins and minerals and has less sugar and calories than coconut water.  Happy Tree maple water can be found at Whole Foods and Fairway and their office is in New York City. I'm so happy to have formed a relationship with them and I always look forward to their rep, Ashley, attending my classes and talking about their product.

I've worked with Raw Rev for my blog and also for my yoga studio. Raw Rev is a line of plant based protein bars that contain mostly raw ingredients such as nuts, chia seeds, organic chocolate chips and plant based proteins. They have a variety of flavors and each is so delish it's like eating a dessert. I mean, these bars are so wonderfully yummy. They are perfect for a snack (they contain about 180 calories) or before a run. The bars contain a ton of protein and are vegan, gluten-free and non GMO. Founded by Alice, a registered nurse in Westchester, NY, this women led company believes in whole food nutrition and high quality plant based ingredients. Raw Rev bars are sold in Whole Foods and other health food stores. Raw Rev recently sent me lots of samples for my meditation classes and the results: everyone loved these yummy bars!

LivWell Nutrition is a raw plant protein company based in Philly, my hometown! They sent me both their vanilla and chocolate protein powder and I couldn't wait to try them. The protein powder contains 17g of complete raw protein that is easily digested and has the full spectrum of 20 amino acids. The protein powder is vegan, gluten-free and non GMO. The packaging is made from recycled material too which is awesome! I used the chocolate powder in my milk and made a cool, lovely tasting shake and the vanilla protein powder? I flavored my homemade ice cream with it and let me say, I ate way more than I should have!

There are so many amazing plant based products out on the market that it can be overwhelming. Make sure you look for whole, organic ingredients. Learn a little bit more about the company and where they get their ingredients from; look for non GMO, very little, natural sources of sugar and no preservatives. I highly recommend the products in this post, they are delicious and nutritious and can be a great addition to your healthy diet. I love supporting ethical companies that promote a vegan way of life.

Happy Tree Maple Water Giveaway!

I'm so happy to be giving away a 6 pack of Happy Tree maple water! I have had so many opportunities to taste this water and I love it. You can add it to your smoothies and juices, add some to your oatmeal or just drink down a bottle of maple water after a workout.
All you need to do to be entered into my random drawing is comment below on what your favorite plant based product or company is and why! 

I can't wait to hear what you are raving about so that I can try something new. Once you comment below, I will draw someone's name and announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram. The deadline to comment will be February 17th, the day before my birthday! Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. I love vega! They are always posting inspirational things and the creator is an athlete!

  2. I tried their chocolate protein powder, it's good!

    This recipe !!! Honestly my fav ❤️

  4. I love the Chao Cheese Slices by Field Roast. I use the coconut herb for my lasagna and the creamy original for my Mac and Cheese!!

  5. I love earth balance. Between their mac n cheese, spread, cheese puffs. So delicious! Daiya cheese close second

    1. Hi! Your name was randomly chosen and you win the 6 pack of maple water! Send me your contact info at congrats!!

  6. So many to choose from, but right now it would be Kite Hill, killing the cream cheese, ricotta and yogurt!

  7. Thank you all for entering my contest! A name has been chosen! I will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future.


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