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Strawberry Coconut Gelato

So, it has taken me all week to get this right and I'm 99% loving this recipe because I'm a perfectionist. I say 99% because I wasn't able to achieve the exact consistency as my chocolate peanut butter gelato, perhaps because I need to let the gelato freeze more. Anyway, my new Cuisinart blender was doing overtime for this recipe and I do love how the gelato tastes. It's made with super whole ingredients and it's great to make for your family without having to spend alot of money on non dairy ice cream. Also, I'm not loving my photos but the natural light was weak due to the stormy weather. Anyway, this recipe is here and that's all that matters so get to making some fresh, organic, natural ice cream!!

This recipe does not require an ice cream maker; it requires patience and alot of stirring and taste testing. Once you mix all the ingredients in your food processor, you then freeze the mixture and stir every hour or so until you've achieved the consistency you want. I love creamy, thick gelatos and when I took these pictures, the gelato was almost there. I'm going to freeze this a little bit more before I publish this post. Sometimes I get so excited about posting that I jump the gun!

1/3 cup of coconut cream
1 can of coconut milk
3 cups of organic strawberries
1/4 cup of coconut sugar
1/2 small avocado

Put all the ingredients into your food processor and process on high. Once everything is mixed together, transfer the ice cream to a glass dish and freeze. Stir every hour until you get the consistency you want for serving.

What are you doing this weekend for the July 4th holiday? I hope you are BBQing (tofu dogs and veggie burgers!) and making ice cream, pies and other yummy dishes. Feel free to click on the blog labels to the right if you need a specific recipe for your family get together. I am going to be visiting my family in PA so my posts may be scarce on the blog for the week. But stay in touch with me via my facebook page because I always update that!

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