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Meatless Monday Mac and Cheese

Who doesn't love a good mac and cheese dish?  And the vegan version is even better because it's dairy free.  Let me talk about vegan cheese for a little bit.  You can make versions of cheese from scratch such as cashew cheese or tofu cheese or you can buy vegan cheese.  Some of my favorite vegan cheese brands are Go Veggie, Daiya cheese slices and vegan gourmet cheese blocks.  I encourage you to try each brand and decide for yourself which one you like; you can also find great recipes from scratch using cashews, cauliflower and tofu.

As a vegan, you don't need to even entertain the idea of cheese substitutes.  If you are dairy free and you're loving it, you don't need to introduce vegan cheeses into your diet.  You can still make pizza without cheese and you can use nutritional yeast on top of pasta to give it a nutty, cheesy flavor. Packaged vegan cheese can be a splurge, a treat on pizza or on top of pasta.  It isn't essential to make vegan cheese a part of your life if you're transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

So, check out this mac and cheese recipe I made in October; you will love it!