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Veggie kids!

I wanted to post some vegan snacks for kids because I know it can be hard to get kids to eat balanced, nutritious meals. These snacks are perfect for kids with milk or egg allergies or for vegan parents who want to raise vegan kids. They are easy to make and I think most kids would enjoy them.  The first photo is a simple dish of organic mixed berries. Berries are sweet and delicious so this is a quick, healthy snack. The second photo is hummus I made at home. It's not completely from scratch but I combined chickpeas with tahini sauce from Trader Joe's. I used my food processor and out came yummy hummus. You can give your child carrots to dip or organic tortillas. The third photo is homemade popcorn. I buy organic popping corn from Trader Joe's and use my popcorn maker. I usually add a little sea salt and cinnamon, you can also add Earth Balance vegan butter. Fourth photo, cut up a banana and put a little bit of peanut butter in between the pieces. The last photo is a peanut butter and apple sandwich. I used bread because I didn't have any whole wheat wraps, this sandwich is much better as a wrap because the apple pieces won't fall out. I cut an apple into tiny pieces and spread peanut butter on the bread or wrap. Lay the apple pieces on top of the peanut butter and then roll the wrap. Cut in half and serve. You can substitute almond butter instead of the peanut butter too. I'll have more kid snack ideas along the way but for now, enjoy! And may your little ones enjoy too :)